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Squirrel AI Learning -- an example of AI for Education

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By Hongxin Yan in the group Teaching and Learning at Athabasca July 18, 2019 - 4:25pm

At several AI conferences (including the O'Reilly AI Conference in Beijing, AI Summit in London) , Squirrel AI Learning has been demoed and presented. Here are some hightlights about this AI enable system:

"As the first AI self-adaptive education brand across the Asia-Pacific region, Squirrel AI Learning has made gratifying achievements on the path of AI+ education. Its R&D achievements include self-adaptive learning engine with complete intellectual property rights and designed based on senior algorithms. Squirrel AI Learning's self-adaptive learning system is an imitation of excellent teachers, which can improve the efficiency by five to ten times than traditional education. In several man-machine battles held in China, the teaching team of Squirrel AI Learning helped each student to learn 42 knowledge points in eight hours on average, far better than the human teaching team that helped each student to learn 28 knowledge points in eight hours on average. In terms of technical advantages, Squirrel AI Learning has numerous world's first AI application technologies, such as MCM capability value training, knowledge map of error cause reconstruction, knowledge point splitting at the most basic level, relevance probability of non-relevance knowledge points, and MIB. In AIED, AREA, IJCAI, KDD and other top AI or educational academic conferences in the world, it has won awards for papers or been invited to give lectures. It has shined brilliantly on the international stage, showcasing the scientific achievements of China's AI in the field of education to the world." (from

With many experts in the field still debating whether AI can really help with education, Squirrel AI Learning is showcasing the benefits that AI can bring up through piloting and experimenting in the real world.  

Squirrel AI Learning's official site: