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Dresden is Real!

I've  been a fan of Jim Butcher's Dresden files for nearly a decade and that's more than a few years short of how long they've  been published.

I started reading when Clinton was still president. I have continued reading past the inauguration of the great Cheeto.

It is nearly 2020 now and I have been re-reading and re-listening to the entirety of Butcher's Dresden series at least 5 times over. It's engrossing if not blatantly spot on with its predictions.

Humanity would rather ignore the mistakes and things it can't comprehend then accept threm for the truth that they are.

Kinkade and the white council both decry: bad shit happens. Good people didn't make it happen but it happens anyway.

But I believe they're wrong.  Which is what I'm certain Butcher is trying to explain.

Only through good deeds and pure thoughts can humanity become enlightened.

And although Butcher presents this theme succeeding time after time; I just can't accept that this will ever happen.

Humans just can't do this. They're too stupid. As a race, we cannot possibly ever, democratically decide to define ourselves as anything other than greedy, and undeserving.

As beautiful as any system may be, we are just not able to agree to anything; without losing something that makes us human, no matter how much I'd like to.

~ Friar Greg ~

By: Unknown
Posted: August 23, 2019, 6:37 pm


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