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Unit2 HTML site building learning diary

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By Jasmin Gallant in the group COMP 266 August 30, 2019 - 7:30am

In my learning process, I started with a crash course to refresh my memory as it has been over
10 years since I touched web design of any sort. I was an advanced beginner if I could say so.
But with time I forgot …


I made 4 pages that describes the website that will be used online. I tried to follow the design I made previously to convey the same relationship. On the home page I will be using the news to post upcoming reviews on companies and products. The recent reviews part will just be a simple paragraph from the review page for each recent review with element (relative links) to the reviews page.

The crash course for html5:https: in   /watch?v=UB1O30fR-EE

(Im old school and need to upgrade but I still used html4.)

I put all my contents in div containers for better management later in CSS using id. I probably should have added span elements too, but I am using only html now. I used some elements to create emphasis (italics) and bold text to bring attention to the company names and or important details. I had to go back and forth from the w3schools website at first to relearn the elements and by using my book html and CSS from John Ducket I learn a whole bunch element that I may not even use but who knows.

I made the logo using adobe illustrator, I have yet to master the formats and pictures used in the web, but I think I did a good job (using the width in image). Images should be initially set to the size I will use on my website. This is something I will keep in mind.

In the reviews section I have added id attributes to mark the part that will be showed when the user clicks on the full review button from the recent review container on the home page. I used the date format “08/20/19/03” the last number is the numbered review for that day.

Maybe there will be some modifications to make as I learn more about using id’s with CSS and JS.
The company section is simply a description of the companies that will be reviewed with a paragraph about the company.

At first, I was using to separate my content but realized it was not the best approach so I
reimplemented the html code to fit in

containers for better management in CSS later.
I do think the personas would like the website as it is simple straight to the point and will be more
technical on products in the reviews page.

The contact page will be a simple form using CSS later, so for now I only maid it as a  element. Also, the commenting… I will have to learn to comment my code a little more and I should have added an attribute to open the companies website in another page instead of leaving my website.

There abbreviated words in my texts that could have used the element for better description.

I realize there is much to do to master html but as I have used it in the past it should come back fast. 



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