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Expressing Myself as an Academic Writer

Expressing Myself as an Academic Writer

1.) Write about how word choice, tone, and style make a difference in expressing yourself in academic writing.

If one wants to be taken seriously – or seen as credible, and respected for their research and knowledge – and particularly in their chosen field of study, it is paramount to pick the right words, use the proper tone, and write in a proper style. Although, these things are important in other types of writing, it is more so in academic writing. In ‘academic writing,’ we want to write about and address a topic, supporting it intelligibly whether in favor of the topic or against it, and we do this by way of proper thorough research, and critical reading (and thinking) - we want to convince our readers of our argument. We need to show our readers that we indeed are experts in our chosen field of study, and we do this by the aforementioned ways in which we express ourselves.

2.) What are your strengths when it comes to reading and writing critically? What have you learned about your writing?

My strengths when it comes to reading are:

*fast reader

*very expressive

*able to obtain many meanings from a written piece

*able to connect seemingly unrelated ideas together

*able to ask many questions: naturally analytical and a critical thinker

My strengths as a writer:

*very prolific

*writes with feeling; passionate writer

When it comes to my writing, I have learned that I do tend to touch people’s hearts and minds – and this isn’t always positively, even though my intentions are; at times there are people who react in different ways – but then again, whether positive or negative, I have touched the heart and mind of my readers. I have made them think and feel about something.

I am a creative writer and in taking a course in academic writing – I was apprehensive at first, thinking that academic writing discredits creative writing but this I discovered, is not the case. Both creative writing and academic writing have their place and purposes. While taking the academic writing course I presently am in, I am viewing my writing differently. Even though I pride myself on being a creative writer and strive to write many books one day in the creative life writing/non-fiction genre, I am rather pleased at learning all that I am on academic writing, because it is definitely going to come in handy as I write many of my books, and especially on the topics I have in mind. To be honest, academic writing, if I continue to excel at it, will not only make me better with academic writing, but will also make me a better creative writer.

3.) How can you apply your strengths and what you have learned in your writing? What do you need to work on?

Whether I am reading another person’s writing or writing my own, I will (and have) continue to do so with a critical mind, reflecting on the guiding questions to reading and understanding other peoples’ writing, to questioning my own understanding and interpretations of it.

I need to work on word choice when writing and when critiquing, need to elaborate further on any arguments – whether in favor or opposed to. I am a very expressive and even though this is good – better to have something to say than not, I do have to mold it into a more academic way of speaking – and writing of course. 


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