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Super'Stylin' with Words (Style Guides)

Super'Stylin' with Words (Style Guides)

2. What is your reaction to the style guides? Does adhering to a style guide influence how you write? Can you use a style guide as a tool to improve your writing?

Honestly? My first reaction or let’s say, “The first thing that came to mind as I’ve been reading up on style?” is the song: “Superstylin”:

[GMS & Life Style & Audio-X - Superstylin]

Yes, no matter what it is that I am doing or thinking about, a song of relevancy always seems to come to mind.

I will admit, when I first learned about the different style guides for academic writing, I thought it was ridiculous and maybe even a waste of time - having to get formatted with a proper writing style before even getting your words out there to the readers; but, now I understand why.

If one wants to have anything they have written on any topic within their specific field of study to be taken seriously, and viewed as credible and professional, then a writing style does makes absolute sense. I suppose we can think of style guides as the dressing up of our words ‘formally’ before they go out into the public eye where they will be seen by many and open to all sorts of criticisms and judgements – just as many of us may do before going out to some formal function. A style guide in writing can be thought of as etiquette for words – and relevant to our field of study.

Yes, I can honestly say that the more I am learning about the importance of academic writing and adopting a particular style guide, the more I am paying attention to how I write and how I want my words and myself perceived by others. On the other hand, the infamous saying: “it doesn’t matter what other people think of you, it’s how you think about yourself”; true indeed, how we think about ourselves is important and will affect how we may think of and view other people, their perspectives on things, and so on, and in academic writing, if we want to be taken seriously and be respected for our knowledge and wisdom in our area of study, then it does matter how we both think of and present ourselves through our writing, and how other people perceive all – to understand all.

Yes, using a style guide is sure to help me in my writing, and more and more as I continue to learn about specific style guides and their importance.

Long ago when I lived on Vancouver Island and where I first decided to give theatre a try, a lovely co-actor named Danda came up to me and said: “Charleen, since knowing you behind the stage, I must say you are a real class act.” I have never been referred to these two words before and wasn’t exactly sure what it meant. Class Act is defined as a person who displays an impressive stylish excellence. If this is how I come across in the eyes of people, I want my words to be seen the same.

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