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Promblematization and/or Skepticism?

Promblematization and/or Skepticism?

Define and discuss "problematization."

“Problematization” is an interesting term indeed and even more so of the concept behind it. It is a term that has been commonly accepted in academic writing. Problematization is a critical thinking process that strives to get to the origin of a problem or some concept, and then question the beliefs, assumptions or principles behind it.  When someone decides to problematize an idea or something specific writing, they are simply shedding doubt on all of the accepted truths in this regard; in other words, to problematize a concept would mean not accepting the common knowledge surrounding it and seeing it instead as problematic. It is more or less “debunking” the claims made about something in order to allow new viewpoints to transpire.

Indeed this is an excellent way to look at anything. I am and have always been a skeptic, that is, I am someone who is not quick to believe anything just because everyone else does. I have a tendency to question anything considered the norm, standard, usual, common, etc. For me, it is too easy to just take something for what it is. Besides being a skeptic, I am a truth seeker. Since I was a child, I feared believing and being led by the wrong thing, people or ideas. Coming across the “Problematization” terms appeals to me greatly, or perhaps just validates the way I have always somewhat viewed things. As a skeptic, I question the certainty of anything, for if there is anything any of us can be certain about, it is that we are not certain.

“We assume a common sense as the necessary condition of the universal communicability of our knowledge, which is presupposed in every logic and every principle of knowledge that is not one of skepticism.” –Immanuel Kant

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