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Unit 1 Learning Diary

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By Tamer Shihab October 29, 2019 - 10:43am

Unit 1 Learning diary:

In this first unit, we had to make a rough design of my website. In this design, I didn’t focus much on the looks or content of my website, but on the functionality. In this unit, we developed an initial idea for what we want our website to do, and I chose to make my website around the city which I grew up in… Toronto, Ontario. With the recent NBA Toronto Raptors championship victory, there has been a lot of noise around Toronto, which is how I got the idea to make my website. It is understood that the design process is not linear, it can stretch throughout the whole website development process which is why I did not stress too much about how the website should look and what kind of content I want to have where.

I focused on the main themes my website would have.

The hardest part I found is coming up with personas that are different than me because its not always easy to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, especially if that “someone” is imaginary. However I found it fun to make up people and each have their own personality , etc. These personas helped me a lot when I was making my scenarios as they helped me think about what people look for when they visit a website. It opened my eyes to know that I don’t surf the internet as other people do, which is really interesting to find out throughout this design process.


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