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Developing a Research Question and Writing a Literature Review

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By Lauren Dodd March 16, 2020 - 11:28am

When tackling a literature review, trying to determine a research question can sometimes be the most difficult part. What can I review that will have enough research out there in order to provide me with content to write an interesting review. I worry that there isn't enough research to properly write the review when many sources are required. At times when beginning to search for sources, it can be quite difficult to find what I am looking for. However, once I get in the groove of searching keywords and knowing what to look for, I feel as though I hit the jackpot in sources. 

Previously I wrote a literature review in a psychology course. I wrote the review on the effects of technology students learning with learning disabilities. There was more than enough research available to be able to find great sources to be able to write a succesful literature review. it allowed me to be more picky when looking at the research and select only sources that truly fit with my research question. 

When being presented with a literature review in a writing course, it is a little more daunting as I am unsure of the research available on academic writing or how I will connect with the research. It requires me to think outside of the box a little bit more in order to figure out how to write a successful literature review. From preliminary research, I feel as though reviewing research on the peer review process would be a topic that others have researched and can provide interesting information on. I considered other topics such as ESL learners and academic writing or plagiarism, however; upon initial research I feel as though peer review is commonly researched to understand whether it impacts student success. 

While I have written one literature review previously, I will be careful to ensure that the latest literature review that I have been asked to write has the same expectations. I want to make sure that my understanding of what a literature review is from my previous experience, aligns with the assignment expectations in this latest assignment. 

I look forward to researching for my literature review and utilizing organizational skills that I learned previously in order to draft and present a solid literature review. 


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