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Unit 5

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By Tristan Simpson in the group COMP 266 April 1, 2020 - 7:49pm

Unit 5 Part. 1 Learning Diary - Unit 5: Writing JavaScript - Choosing the Project

ByTristan Simpson Unit 5

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  • Choosing the project 

3 JavaScript Ideas to implement:

1. Manual Photo Slideshow of Fitness


I have taken a good number of photos from my fitness business, I would like to use these photos as I believe that they fit the mission of my website.


A 100% of my personas are people who are interested in Fitness and mentality. Thus attaching photos of my business that has to do with fitness and mental health would suit the inspiration factor of a slideshow on my page. 


I would have to create a new HTML page to implement this photo gallery as I currently do not have a place for it in the pages I currently have.

2. Megamenu


Megamenu for site map


I think all of my personas again can find a use for this.

Each visitor may have questions they need to be answered. To say only specific people can use a megamenu wouldn’t be logical

Possible Resources:



3. Search bar


To implement a search bar to help users find specific information on any keyword on mind. I looked into this and a Google custom search bar seems like a good idea at the moment. 


My personas probably go through a lot of websites to prepare for their workouts. To make their diet/workout research easier a search bar would definitely help them find what they are looking for 

Possible Resources:



Learning Diary - Unit 5: Writing JavaScript - Designing

By tristan simpson

Search bar.


-      This is the code for the search bar


  • 3 JavaScript Ideas - Design:



2.   Mega menu


3. Slide show


Private (in-class) variables

Functions and Classes:




Unit 5: Writing JavaScript - Coding - UNIT COMPLETE

Work completed: I have made 3 new java apps for my website. Search bar, megamenu and a photo slide-show, I believe all three of these will add interest to my site and value to my customers,

The most difficult for me was the slide show as I had to figure out multiple links


What I Would Do Differently:  I would put it on each page not just my home page

Resources: W3schools