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Unit 7: Using External data sources

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By Tristan Simpson May 26, 2020 - 8:25pm

Unit 7 Unit 7: Using External Data Sources - Proposal

BY Tristan Simpson

External Data Sources Proposal:

1. #fitness Twitter Widget:


Creating a #Fitness widget which shows a feed with all public tweets with the hashtag. 


This will help all my personas get updates about the website fitness niche without my involvement as the site developer. That being said, I will rely heavily on this widget providing my users with any alarming or urgent information as Twitter is where any news gets shared and discussed first among different social media websites.

Possible Resources:

2. Instagram fitness Photos Widget:


 Creating a Instagram photos widget which will show photos from my business @nurofitness, it is fitness involved and people will appreciate the motivation.


This adds to the aesthetic of the website as well as inspiring the website's personas to visit a place or another of what they see. The photo bar updates every time the instagram account posts a new photo which makes the widget of zero maintenance on my end. 

Possible Resources:



Unit 7: Using External Data Sources - UNIT COMPLETE

By Tristan Simpson 

  • Was able to use external data sources, such as Twitter and Instagram to add related content that would be of my personas interests.
  • Implemented a widget that imports #fitness public tweets.
  • Implemented a second widget that imports photos of fitness from a Instagram account
  • Changed the CSS of the widgets to fit my website's aesthetic.
  • Realized that previous programming experience has helped me power through this unit.
  • Realized that first providing a proposal then implementing the social media widgets made the implementation process much faster.
  • I would not do anything differently about this unit. I believe that the social media widgets I added were easy to implement and customize and serve a great purpose to my website.
  • This has been a great unit and makes the website become on trend and up to date.


 My widgets have only been added to home page because I do not want to cram them on to each page.