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By Shannon August 6, 2020 - 7:56pm

Some evaluative distinctions I look for when google searching is the most obvious, what website it is coming from. Many times searching a topic in Google can lead you to accredited websites or University sites I choose those instead of information from more opinion based sites.

When using library services I ensure that the sources I am pulling from are accredited and relevant in regards to the time period. I find doing a broad search and looking through articles that way helps to view some writings that may have been missed and then narrow down my search from there if there are far to many resources to pull from.

Citing sources is a key feature of academic writing because it is used to provide the reader the resources to confirm and validate your points as well as determine if there are any biases in the writing.  I don’t use Google searches for formal citations or research but more so for background information, different viewpoints or to gather more general knowledge on a subject.


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