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Conducting quality control by using an editing sheet

Conducting quality control by using an editing sheet

After completing my draft, I conducted quality control by using the editing sheet that I put together using the main points of Professor Volek’s writing rubric and the writing principles that I have learned from reading Skene, Swales and Feak. What I did was to read my draft using the basic guidelines of critical reading and assessed my work based on the following criteria:


1. Thesis

  • Clearly outline the thesis with the statement.
  • Provide compelling arguments to support the stance with utmost clarity through evidence-supported statements.

2. Development

  • Develop the points logically to come across clear and convincing.
  • After an introduction to the claim, refer to adequate citations to back the claims up and write in utmost detail the reasons for doing so.
  • Conclude by summing up all the points that have been discussed in the paper.

3. Research

  • Ensure to research sufficient evidences to back the claims up.

 4. Style

  •  The paper has to be well organized and the ideas are presented cogently and effectively.
  • Ensure the content is critical and integrative.

 5. Readability

  • Be careful not to include unnecessary jargon that may confuse the average reader.
  • Ensure the paper maintains a mix of informative and persuasive tone which is apt for the intended audience.
  • Make sure the in-depth analysis of the paper shows a strong sense awareness of the topic.

6. Cohesion

  • There should be a clear connection throughout the essay.
  • Ensure that all of claims are well connected to the theme of your paper.
  • The transitions from one sentence to another has to be clear throughout the paper.
  • Make good use of transitions like “further/also/moreover”, “it is said”, “yet/despite/nonetheless”, “indeed”, etc. to link each idea to the detail.

7. Conclusion

  • Ensure to articulate a convincing defence of the thesis.
  • Have an insightful closure and a compelling recommendation or call to action.

 9. Grammar and spelling

  • Edit the draft and ensure there are no fragmentedor run-on sentences.
  • Avoid a sentence that rambles on and on, ending up with a comma splice or a fused sentence. Break the sentence, if necessary, and link them with lexical connectors.

 10. MLA format

Once I was satisfied with my initial draft, I finalized it and submitted to Professor Volek for corrections and also uploaded it for peer review.

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