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Unit 5: Three javascript ideas

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By Mipam Lauder in the group COMP 266 February 17, 2021 - 9:08am

I'm going to work on the 3 javascript ideas I've outlined below, and I'll likely use #2 for Unit 7 as well.

1) Display a pop-up mini-map showing the location of the marina when the user hovers over the marina name on the Marina's page.  I'd likely use leaflet to help display the map, and openstreetmap as the data source.

2) Fetch and parse the marine weather forecast for the selected Vancouver Island areas.  I'd grab the raw forecast data from the Environment Canada data server, parse it to display the correct areas based on the stored cookie containing the user's area selections.  It would display the entire marine forecast by default.

3) Create a multi-choice quiz based on navigation buoys ( select the correct answer based on the buoy picture displayed ).  The quiz would be timed, keeping track of the time taken to submit an answer, and the score would be saved as a cookie to keep track of the quiz history.