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Starting Change 2011 MOOC

I've signed up for, a MOOC (massive open online course) led by George Siemens, Stephen Downes, and Dave Cormier. George suggests aiming for one blog post and three responses to others' postings every week as well as a daily tweet. This is my first blog posting. Now I have to find everyone else's blogs and add mine to the feed. I feel like a stray buffalo seeking to join a thundering herd.

Dave suggests that one of the ways the MOOC can be used is to complete a project. I'm still working on my 21st-century composition course (I've been teaching English language and literature online for 10 years in addition to my day job--besides the extra cash, it greatly informs my practice as a leaning designer). Finishing the course design will be my focus for this MOOC.

I was going to work on the composition course on the Landing--let people watch my process. I found out how secretive and what a perfectionist I am. And I'm always on the verge of saying something silly. I just don't have the gravitas of an adult professional. I hate it when that comes out (the danger of tweets). I have good taste in many things, but not humour. Maybe not music either (just bought a Boney M CD).

But back to the pertinent matter. Here is the blog. Here is my purpose. Here I am in the mood for MOOC.