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Unit 5: Javascript program

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By Mipam Lauder February 27, 2021 - 7:21pm

This was an incredibly difficult unit for me.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish the quiz that I wanted to build, but I did complete the dynamic map mouseover ( which I'll be using for Unit 6 ), and almost finished the dynamic weather loading from Environment Canada ( which I'll be using for Unit 7).

The resources I used were:

Eloquent Javascript , an excellent book, bit tough to read through on one go, but I read it over a few times and referenced it often.

The MDN web docs were my number one go-to for information on javascript programming.

Followed closely by w3schools which contained a large number of examples, very helpful when you're learning how to program.

For the map I used the resources at , and for the weather I used the Environment Canada tutorials at

I found just about everything I did to be an exercise in frustration!  I had to write a small php proxy because of the CORS restrictions trying to fetch the weather from the website.

I'm very happy with the map popup, and just couldn't find out how to display the forecasts properly.  The information is there, but it's messy.

Unit 5 website files:  Unit 5 website files