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METRO First Impressions

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By Steve Swettenham October 3, 2011 - 10:30am

METRO , Microsofts 'Windows 8' or is that 'Windows 2012' ?

Content management system themes are now being designed for all devices using HTML5 and fluid layout, so why not Operating Systems?

In the past, the major issues were cross compatibility for operating systems and web browsers.  Now its cross device compatibility issues.

Running METRO developer edition on a MacOS was a pleasure, because I was already working on the best commercial operating system (MacOS 10.6.8) Laughing.  METRO installed without issue and I was presented with a hidden login screen (Figure 1), then sliding panels (Figure 2).

Figure 1 - METRO Fuzzy touch and feel introductory screen (slide up to reveal login)


Figure 2 - METRO sliding panels


Just like the task bar, the panels slide around, not locked in place.  Everything on the facade was tablet like with touch panels and sliding objects.  Underneath the facade, I was back to the 'family' edition of Windows 7 (Figure 3).

Figure 3 - familiar 'Family' edition of Windows 7 (i.e., lite version)



The biggest advantage I can see in this new GUI is cross-device look and feel.  However, there does not appear to be any way to quickly turn-off the 'dummy' screens to get back an advanced GUI.

The impression that I am left with is that computer companies are trying to dumb down the operating systems to make them into a social terminal so that you can rent everything directly through their 'company store'.

Anyone who has worked in coal mining recognizes the company store and what that means to your overall standard of living.  Does the Borg ring a bell?  Gee I can hardly wait to try out Mac Lion (10.7), not.

Welcome to your future...Figure 4.

Figure 4 - Updates to make you feel that you are getting some value for all that money you spent





PS open up your wallets for permanent 'subscriptions', just like cellphone, TV, and Internet services,.... or go LINUX.


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