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Interview with Chair and OERu Meeting in New Zealand

In  a recent interview in the UK, Professor Rory McGreal highlights cost effectiveness as the key to success of the OERu:
"Cost effectiveness is the key… How do we educate these 97 million learners … in a cost-effective manner? [OERu] .. is the first idea that I’ve seen that practical implementation is possible. And this could work.

And the way it’d work is this: if we could get a cadre, so we get ten percent of them through, so that’s ten million students, but that means there’s a cadre of students who’ve done it, in all these little villages and towns all around the world, and they’re an example to the others, and then you can build on that and build on it and build, and that’s the way you do it. But not only that; we have developed self-motivated learners, and that’s what you need - you need a person who is a self motivated learner. That’s more important than anything they learn. And so we build that up and we’re away…"
An archive of the backchannel for the  #OERu 2011.11 meeting has been posted on WikiEducator:
We are in the process of finalizing the draft of the meeting OERu meeting summary. You can monitor developments here: