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Personal Blogging for Identity Building-Draft1




Capturing the Essence of Identity Building


Identity Building







Past experiences, internal/external motivations, learning environment, identification of learner roles and perspectives;  Configuring personal settings using Account Tab


“Getting Oriented”

“A Blog of my Own: Exploring Roles and Motivations”




Identification of goals; expressing frustrations, ambivalence, doubts, concerns; taking inventory of knowledge and skills, stop-points;  Managing widgets; Modifying access permissions on published content


“Usefulness of a Blog for Learning”

“Virtual  Identity PLN (Concept) Map”




Reflections on personal perspective changes, self-talk, self-recording, tallying, metrics (user analytics);  Creating reflective content that links to presentations, podcasts, portfolio artefacts


“Transitions and Journeys”

Digital Footprint: “Changes of Mind”

Report: Individual, Group, and Collective Folksonomies (ie. common language, keywords)



Searching for personal archived resources; identifying and selecting patterns; tracking impressions over extended period;  Using Tag Cloud;  search options, account summary

 Tracking ‘trigger points’, and describing impact of others on learning;

Pause-Point: “Tool Use Summary Within Learning Network”;

Reflections: Revisions to Goals, Strategies and Expectations

Pause-Point: Self-Talk – The Personal Learning Environment



















Self-created learning aids, artifacts of learning; schemas, tables and charts, graphic organizers, rich pictures, idea maps, checklists, annotated bookmarks, page-flakes, tweet feeds, podcasts, e-portfolio presentations, embedded podcasts with slide presentations, profile development; transitions;  creating profile details; adding profile photo; updating profile details; personalizing dashboard;





Epistolary narratives, story-telling, bracketing, role rehearsal, shifting and transitional perspectives, intercultural code-switching;


Pause-Point: “Collections Building and Tending”

Critical Learning Incidents

Educational Biography

Serialized Reflective Posts: “Seeding and Homesteading in the Learning Community”

“Reflections on Personal Blogging Perspectives”

Reflections: ‘lifelong learning after formal schooling”

Revisiting e-portfolios; reflections and reactions to personal  archives





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