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Google Advanced Search Operators

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By Terrence McDonnell 3 December 2021 @ 6:12pm

This article outlines operators you can use while searching on Google. What I found particullary useful was combining two operators for TME3: the hypen (-) and the site: operators.

While trying to look for information on a site, given the type of the site, it may lead you back to quasi-related content found on the site. You might imagine this becomes hard to work around with sites like Reddit or Facebook. Instead of learning about how Wikipedia caches their information, you instead get an artcile on Wikipedia about caching. By using, Google won't return any sites that have that as part of their URL. YOu can remove the hypen if you DO want pages from that site. The other operators are useful as well, such as AND and OR (or |) to create queries. 


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