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Disability and the Internet - First Monday Sept 2015 Special issue

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By Carrie Anton 11 September 2015 @ 1:57pm

Some Really good reads:

First Monday has just published the September 2015 (volume 20, number 9)
issue at The following papers are included in this month's special issue, Disability and the Internet:
First Monday
Volume 20, Number 9 - 7 September 2015
- Disability and the Internet in 2015: Where to now? by Katie Ellis and Mike Kent
- Disability, human rights, and social justice: The ongoing struggle for online accessibility and equality by Paul T. Jaeger
- The challenges of Web accessibility: The technical and social aspects of a truly universal Web by Justin Brown and Scott Hollier
- Code in action: Closing the black box of WCAG 2.0, A Latourian reading of Web accessibility by David Kreps and Mhorag Goff
- Auditing Web accessibility: The role of interest organizations in promoting compliance through certification by G. Anthony Giannoumis
- Heuristic evaluations of the accessibility of learning management systems (LMSs) as authoring tools for teachers by Weiqin Chen, Norun C. Sanderson, Siri Kessel, and Aleksandra Krolak
- Problematizing the inclusion agenda in higher education: Towards a more inclusive technology enhanced learning model by Denise Wood
- Blurred lines: Accessibility, disability, and definitional limitations by Elizabeth Ellcessor
- Accessible television: The new frontier in disability media studies brings together industry innovation, government legislation and online activism by Katie Ellis and Mike Kent
- Disability and mobile Internet by Gerard Goggin


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