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How to Start Your Own Podcast

A good, clear explanation of how to podcast, with a detailed description of using Audacity to create and edit your podcast and a few general hints about the process. Some of the hardware suggestions are, at least for most uses, a bit of overkill, though it is certainly true that the better your starting point, the clearer your podcast will be and the easier it will be to adapt and remix later. Built-in microphones on computers and i-devices are fine for quick and dirty recordings, but stuff gets lost, especially if you want to mix the audio with other things.

Personally, I downgraded from a high-end USB mic, that needed separate power when used with an iPad or iPhone and took a sizeable chunk of my workspace to operate, to a Blue Snowflake a few years ago and, apart from for some music recordings, have found it to be almost indistinguishable in quality. At least, it is more than adequate to produce excellent quality voice audio on standard quality speakers. It's very compact and transportable - great for Skype when travelling, because it folds into its own stand - and it just works with my Mac as well as with iPads, iPhones and Android devices, no separate power needed.


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