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Education Technology Innovation 2013 Conference

If you are a researcher, an education R&D company, or a public or private sector user of education technologies, please join us for this upcoming event, hosted by Athabasca University.

May 1st: Workshops
May 2nd – 3rd: Full conference and Exhibitors’ Hall

Location: Radisson Hotel Calgary Airport

During the past decade, the use of technology in education has steadily grown in prominence and influence on campuses and schools around the world. In response, a new generation of educational technology startups has emerged, influenced by the significant flow of capital into the sector. In Canada, entrepreneurs have made a significant impact on education globally through their companies. In university research labs around the country, the next generation of education technology innovations is now being explored. Currently, no national conference exists to bring together education technology researchers, entrepreneurs, practitioners, funders, and government partners. This proposed conference addresses this void and will assist in promoting innovations in education and connecting researchers with startups and startups with funders and purchasers.



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