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A Comprehensive Index of Seminal Psychological Contributions Throughout History

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By Liam Quinn 16 July 2023 @ 5:19pm

This resource, developed by Christopher D. Green of York University, provides a comprehensive compendium of Psychology's most pertinent works. While on the surface this expansive resource may seem to be tenuously connected to the more specified study of counselling psychology, I believe what this site offers is particularly relevant to PSYC 406. Apart from providing detailed sources on many subjects that are germane to counseling psychology, such as Gestalt Theory, Statistics, Methodology, Personality, Behaviorism, etc... This site also offers a comprehensive list of resources that represent some of the earliest forms of Western psychological thought and the forms they took on as they developed into how we understand psychology today. Understanding the epistemology behind the theories we may utilize as counseling professionals is very important to our work, and I think this resource does an excellent job of that. I cannot recommend this site enough and hope that it may benefit you all in your studies, as I regularly found myself returning to it throughout my post-secondary education.


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