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Importance of Captions for All Student Groups (e.g. ESL, students with disabilities, others) - US National Research Results Webinar

Register for a webinar on the benefits of closed captioning for a variety of students. The webinar will explore how different student subgroups in the US postsecondary environment use closed captioning. Students with hearing impairments are not the only ones who benefit from closed captioning, many students rely on captions to retain information from video. ESL learners also benefit from available of captioned content. The Oregon State University (OSU) Ecampus Research Unit conducted a nationwide project on closed captioning in postsecondary education. The project had over 2900 student respondents. The lead researcher on the project, Dr. Katie Linder, will take a closer look at how different student subgroups use and perceive captioning and transcription at their institutions.


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