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Blog: Reflections on Nature, Culture and Society

Reflections on Nature, Culture and Society is a blog I write to consider matters of environment, cultural knowledge and relationship to the environment, concepts of nature, and relationships of the natural world and the social world.  I started it as a response to my limited ability to really talk to my students in a coherent way and focus my thoughts around issues of ecology, society, and culture and share these thoughts on an ongoing basis.  It has evolved to be less conceptually tied to my courses, though it is linked to my undergraduate ethnobiology course Anth 491, and my graduate course Anth 591.  I thought I would like to share the link here and welcome other members of the AU community to the blog.  As I began it before our current blog module existed, and as not all of my readers are in the AU community, I keep it where I originally started it.


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