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An advertising blurb that led me to the site:

Curl up with some “bright ideas” this weekend: We’re pleased to announce the launch of a brand new resource for Canadian higher education: the Eduvation IdeaBank. Browse 50 of my favourite innovations in higher ed pedagogy, marketing, revenue-generation and student services. Comment, vote, or submit some bright ideas of your own! Check it out at

I'm sure there are multiple motives for the site. The authors receive fodder for their (his) other activities probably being the largest. That does not preclude its usefulness as a source of, and forum for the discussion of, education related ideas. I was really excited when I read the encouragement to "refine" ideas as I was picturing a wiki like ability to edit - refinement however is relegated to the commenting capabilities. The ability to "Like" ideas gives it some usefulness as a socially built recommendation site as well as just a place to view and discuss ideas. Considering that the "Most Liked Idea" only has 4 votes though leads me to believe that this is very early in the cycle (which might be a good thing depending on your point of view towards the wisdom of the crowd).