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E-Learn 2019, Call for Proposals: Due July 8

Call for Proposals: Due July 8

E-learn has been running since 1996 (originally under the name of WebNet) and is a great conference for researchers into online learning working in higher education and related fields. At its peak, it used to attract about a thousand delegates though this has mostly tailed off a bit in recent years, so it's a big enough number to ensure diversity and quality, but small enough that you can get to meet many of them. This year the conference is in one of my favourite locations to visit, New Orleans, and it runs from November 4-7, 2019.

What I like most about the conference is its diversity. It typically attracts a great range from more technical to more educationally focused researchers, with a great spread of experience from student researchers to the most famous in the field. There are also usually a lot of other interested and interesting people involved, as this pie chart suggests:

E-learn attendees pie chart


If you want to submit a paper or poster, acceptance rates are about par for the course: it's certainly not trivially easy to get a paper accepted, but it's not fiendishly hard.

Disclaimer: I'm on the Executive Committee, have co-chaired it a couple of times, and have only missed about three of the conferences in the last 20 years so I'm obviously a fan!


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