Landing : Athabascau University

LambdaMOO Takes a New Direction

This is a fantastic example - from 1992 - of how it is completely impossible to separate out the digital technologies from the social technologies (the rules, norms, procedures, etc) in a social software system. Social software is not just code: it is also (and, especially for soft, malleable technologies like the LambdaMOO, or for that matter the Landing, predominantly) an amalgam of the ways that we use the code, as much and often more defined by the techniques and the processes that we add to it as by the bits and bytes that mediate it.

This is part of the inspiration behind much of my own work over recent years that treats technologies (especially but not at all exclusively learning technologies) as a coparticipative assembly, in which the technology of interest is seldom, if ever, the thing we label as such, but is instead something that emerges through the participation in (not just use of) technologies by human beings, each of whom adds methods, processes, and techniques to the gestalt orchestration. This makes most (ultimately all) technologies highly situated, inextricably entangled with context, and largely ungeneralizable.