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Academic Publisher Fights Publication Of Paper Criticizing Publishers' Price Increases And Profits

Taylor & Francis doing the evil thing, censoring, annotating with disclaimers and delaying publication of an article critical of the company and its greedy, exploitative brethren.

For-profit journals have no place in academia any more, if ever they did. They add no value at all compared with that provided by their not-for-profit and open cousins, while parasitically sucking vast quantities of money and resources that would be far better spent on education and research. They make use of public-funded labour for both content and editorial work then profit from the public purse by selling it back to the institutions that provide that work. This alone makes them superfluous and unsustainable but it is not their worst sin. Their worst sin is that they deliberately and with pre-meditation limit access to knowledge that we (you and I) have paid for in the first place. This is a sick system that needs to be cured, and the cure - open publishing - is widely available. 


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