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Free eduMOOC this sumer

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By Terry Anderson 17 June 2011 @ 1:30pm

The University of Illinois is offering a MOOC on online learning this summer. The site has schedule (8 topics/8 weeks) and descriptions of what a Mooc is.

 Week of:  Topic  Featured   June 27, 2001  Online Learning Today  Growing, Greening, Economizing  July 4, 2011  Online Learning Research   Communities of Inquiry  July 11, 2011       Online Learning Technologies     Web 2.0 - Engaging - Interacting  July 18, 2011  Online Learning Apps and Mobile Learning  Phone-in learning / iPad advent  July 25, 2011  Public, Private, Profit, & Open - Learning  Higher Education Bubble   August 1, 2011  Personal Learning - Informal Learning  Continuing - Personalizing  August 8, 2011  Collaboratives & Collectives in the Clouds  Breaking Institutional Boundaries  August 15, 2011  Online Learning 2011-2021  Ubiquity, Diversity, Virtuality


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