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Capitalism is the Crisis (documentary)

According to the director, Michael Truscello of MRU:

The 2008 'financial crisis' in the United States was a systemic fraud in which the wealthy finance capitalists stole trillions of public dollars. No one was jailed for this crime, the largest theft of public money in history. Instead, the rich forced working people across the globe to pay for their 'crisis' through punitive 'austerity' programs that gutted public services and repealed workers’ rights. Austerity was named 'Word of the Year' for 2010. This documentary explains the nature of capitalist crisis, visits the protests against austerity measures, and recommends revolutionary paths for the future. Special attention is devoted to the crisis in Greece, the 2010 G20 Summit protest in Toronto, Canada, and the remarkable surge of solidarity in Madison, Wisconsin.


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