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Zombie Occupation: Occupy Wall Street’s incursion of “undead” & the Haitian supernatural in the US imagination

Andrea E. Shaw on Occupy Wall Street’s incursion of the “undead,” and the place of the Haitian supernatural in the American imagination:

These images, merging death and money, economics and the supernatural, are an intriguing appropriation of elements associated with a Caribbean spiritual practice as part of a trope for analysing US fiscal policies. The politics of representation underlying this symbolism implies that corporations have become ghoulish automatons, devouring anyone in their path. In her book Consuming the Caribbean: From Arawaks to Zombies (2003), the scholar Mimi Sheller identifies a further irony when she explains that the Haitian term for the wealthy is "gro manjeurs," which translates to “big eaters”.

Shaw, Andrea E. "Zombie Occupation." Caribbean Review of Books 28 Nov. 2011


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