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Invitation to NVivo 9 Brown Bag Live Webinars

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By Terry Anderson 11 January 2012 @ 3:53pm

Invitation to NVivo 9 Brown Bag Live Webinars – The free one hour webinar will demonstrate the software’s features. Register for a date below. Please forward to interested colleagues.

 Dr. Guenther Krueger from Simon Fraser University will be hosting the webinar and discussing how he used NVivo with his own research process. Link to Dr. Krueger's article



Time (PST)

Registration Link

January 18


January 20


January 25


January 27


February 1


February 3



If your department or class has a conflict on these dates and you still would like to schedule an NVivo 9 Webinar, please contact me. For interested individuals with conflicts, please go to Upcoming eDemo dates & times.


Try NVivo 9: Link to 30 day free trial:


Please contact me at (617) 491-1850 x104 or visit our website, for more information about our services and software.




Stacy Penna  Ed.D. Business Development Manager

QSR International (Americas) Inc.     


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