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Winter Semester Graduate HERM Classes Open for Registration

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Winter Semester Graduate HERM Classes Open for Registration

Started by Joe Rosich November 5, 2015 - 4:03pm

The Winter Semester graduate HERM courses are now open for general registration to all students.  Please note, the deadline for registrations using the online system is December 8th. 

The courses available in the upcoming semester are as follows:

HERM 501: Issues in Heritage Resources Management As the introductory course to the Heritage Resources Management program, HERM 501 examines key concepts, definitions and issues in the heritage field. It outlines the various stakeholders, agencies and institutions active in the field and offers an understanding of central issues.  Full details may be found on the syllabus here:

HERM 561: Advanced Issues in Interpretive Planning This course deals with the application of informal and formal learning strategies and methods of assessing audience needs for planning and implementing interpretive programs. Specific attention is paid through case studies and practical experience to the use of exhibits and first and third person interpretation as elements in interpretive programming. Here is the link to the syllabus:

These graduate classes are required core courses in the Heritage Resources Management Post-Baccalaureate Diploma. Classes start January 4th and run until April 15th. 

In addition to these two paced, grouped study courses, graduate students are reminded that they may also take the following unpaced individualized courses with start dates at the beginning of any month throughout the year:

HERM 512: Advanced Methods in Heritage Research This course provides advanced skills in applying heritage resource management research methodologies through readings, discussion and applied projects. Students concentrate on archival and library research, oral history research, and research using material culture. Students gain analytical and practical skills in using these types of sources as part of developing and applying a research strategy. Formal skills in writing, planning, structuring, and referencing written reports will be dealt with throughout the course.

HERM 322, HERM 327, HERM 339, and HERM 334  These four courses are all undergraduate competency-fulfilling courses and are required for most HRM students, and they may also be taken starting any month.

HERM 691, The Heritage Diploma Practicum This capstone project course is also unpaced, and students nearing the end of the program should start thinking about making arrangements with a suitable host institution to complete the practicum.  For more information, please contact the HRM office or see the syllabus here:

To register in any HERM class, log in through the student portal at


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