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Hybridized Learning and Play

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Hybridized Learning and Play

Started by Sandra Law April 17, 2013 - 1:38pm

Elizabeth Losh argues that hybrid learning (blending of traditional instruction with online learning, specifically social media) may simply reinforce traditional boundaries between learners and instructors, between learners, and between instructors because of the focus on efficiency, modularity, linearity and surveillance (facilitated by design of LMS that are used by educational institutions). Current hybrid approaches don't allow for improvisation or development of innovative solutions to complex problems that students will face in topics like climate science or biotechnology. Simulations and games can be used to prompt students to explore solutions to complex or ill-structured problems. She suggests that educational games (including serious games) if they are used to make "repetitive learning tasks marginally more appealing". Encouraging students to derive underlying principles through experience rather than didactive delivery is the real value of games & simulations.

Losh, Elizabeth (2012). Play, Things, Rules, and Information: Hybridized Learning in the Digital University, Leonardo Electronic Almanac, 17(2), 92-108.