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Skype Recording Tips

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Skype Recording Tips

Started by Steve Swettenham July 13, 2011 - 11:40am

Here are suggested tips from pre-production to post-production for recording a Skype interview.  Many of the tips are applicable to any podcast.

(1) Pre-production

  • Setup recording space (assuming indoors) or scout outdoor locations
  • Organize sound hardware such as a USB Microphone or USB Headset
  • Computer hardware configured for fast, uninterrupted, Internet connection
  • Software installed such as Skype and recording applications
  • Computer operating system needs to be free of malware, viruses, and background software such as desktop screen savers and media players
  • Create a script (storyboards may help with outdoor and mobile locations)
  • Contact the guest and discuss script
  • Collect intro and exit open source audio clips to be used in post-production multi-track mix

(2) Production

  • configure recording to capture in lossless audio format (i.e., WAV or AIFF)
  • pre-test system with a short test call to the Skype testing service
  • recording in session  (posting a sign helps reduce extraneous environmental sound)

(3) Post-Production

  • Multi-track editing to mix audio clips with beginning and ending segments
  • Use the Levelator to keep the sound level relatively constant
  • Review production
  • Export to MP3 128 kps CBR
  • Test at final web location