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Sustainability at AU

Sustainability at AU

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In March 2015, Peter MacKinnon, Interim President, established a task force* to consider options that may be available to Athabasca University to address sustainability.

The path forward requires engagement. This group has been established to create another channel by which any member of our community can bring their views on sustainability to the attention of task force members.

The task force will report periodically on the progress of our work. Regular emails will be sent out to the university community outlining our progress and the topics discussed. These communiqués will also be posted on the Landing.

The task force will report to the university community by June 1st, 2015.

We look forward to hearing your ideas.

On behalf of the task force,


(Secretary to the Task Force)


*Members of the task force are: Peter MacKinnon (Chair); Dr. Jane Arscott (Faculty member); Diane Davies (Board member); David Head (AU Director of Strategic Initiatives); Marg Mrazek (Board Vice-Chair); Jason Nixon (President of AUSU); Gilbert Perras (AIAE Executive Director of Operations, Programing and Accountability) and Dr. Veronica Thompson (Dean, FHSS). Dr. Margaret Kierylo, Director of Academic Planning and Priorities, serves as Secretary to the task force.

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