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"Frost and desolation": #AthaU Frankenreads in Edmonton, Halloween 2018

image Amidst frost and desolation, amidst the everlasting ices of the north -- that is, in Edmonton, Alberta -- Athabasca University, Canada's open university, will host a multi-disciplinary, multi-media symposium on Frankenstein, as part of the worldwide Frankenreads event happening on Wednesday, Oct 31st, 2018 -- Hallowe'en.

Confirmed speakers include:

Dr Angie Abdou, Associate Professor of Creative Writing & Author of In Case I Go (2017);

Dr Jolene Armstrong, Associate Professor of English;

Dr Paul Kellogg, Chair of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies & Associate Professor of Integrated Studies;

Dr Mark A. McCutcheon, Professor of Literary Studies; and

Dr Veronica Thompson, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences & Associate Professor of English.

More details to be announced, closer to the event date. Stay tuned.


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