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Important notice: the student web server is unavailable. Until this is fixed, we do not require you to upload your site to the student server. See Running a web server on your local machine for details of how to meet the requirements for the final unit, and my posts on the subject in the discussion forum for further information about the problem.

Testing of a new server is in progress: if you would like to get early access and you are unafraid of working with command lines, network settings, and conf files, please contact Gerald Abshez, asking to be part of the trial.

Unit 0: Orientation

Last updated August 28, 2019 - 2:48pm by Jasmin Gallant

Hello everyone,

 My name is Jasmin gallant and I will be submitting my work for each unit as I review them. I did most of the course offline and I work full-time with 3 kids (1 with one on one attention) on summer break.

 I bought and read (HTML and CSS design and build websites) from John Ducket and all of Oreilly's (You don't know Javascript) series. 

 These helped me along the way while doing each units on related subjects. 

Nice course and we enjoy the website and will post the website online soon as I have a server and a dns name for my website.

My website will be on in the next week.