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Unit 1

Last updated July 9, 2020 - 8:03am by Don Haputantri

The contents of Unit 1 were generally easy to follow and were very useful. While I use a computer everyday I was not aware of the different components it is made up of, and what those components do. While terms like CPU, RAM and PC are familiar, understanding what they do and how each component interacts with each other was very interesting. For example, when the CPU executes a program it is done in the RAM. It also uses the PC to keep track of where in the program it is as well. 

Learning about the logic behind Java programs was interesting too- I did not realise the compiling process of any high level programming language was to convert it into binary form so the computer could understand it. Furthermore, learning how programming evolved from structured to Object Oriented Programming was interesting as well. 

Even though I constantly interact with GUI's on a daily basis, I was not aware that it had a formal name. This was the most intriguing part of the unit as it explained how GUI's use event handlers to plan for various events. 

Overall, Unit 1 provided a good foundation to carry on with the rest of the course. I learnt a lot more about the computer and its processes, and look forward to carrying on with the rest of the material. 


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