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Hardware / Software Key Notes

  • A good USB Headset (headphones with microphone) will provide the best audio quality
  • A fast stable Internet connection ensures constant communication
  • A computer that is running well, free of malware, spyware, viruses, unstable programs, and minimal background startup applications
  • Use contemporary computer hardware for best results
  • Only run essential programs related to podcasting during the interview to optimize the recording quality  (i.e., avoid having a web browser, word processer, and games running while recording)
  • Try before you buy any software - trial versions exist for authentic applications


  • Avoid extraneous noises during the recording session such as shuffling paper, sipping coffee, going to the bathroom, or cell phones  (HINT - A USB headset with mute will avoid unwanted audio)
  • Create and follow a script
  • Do a practice recording session with a script to reduce the "umms" and "aahs"
  • Continue recording (avoid starting and stopping); cut out unwanted audio clips after recording session
  • Editing usually takes longer than the recording session to produce a broadcast quality podcast with introduction and ending content (the more extraneous noises there are, the more editing is required)
  • Focus on creating a relaxing fun conversational environment and the podcast will feel inviting
  • Use intro and exit music that is appropriate to the subject content  (avoid elevator music)
  • Blend tracks (all audio clips) into a smooth continuous signal with fad in and outs (unless you intended to have sharp audio cutouts)
  • Work with lossless audio format; either WAV or AIFF
  • Only final output should be in MP3 (lossy format)

Legal Guide

  • Podcasting Legal Guide
    This is an American based document that may have applicability to future podcasting in Canada.


  • Integrating Podcasts Workbook
    The free document targets educators from K-12.  However, it provides interesting perspectives that may generate further ideas.

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