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COMP 650 - Week 4 Artifact (Mashups and Blends)

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Welcome to Rayees Khan's Mashup Webpage

This mashup artifact contains feed from the following sources:

1. Google News Feed for the topic "Social Media Technology". This RSS feed was created using the tool.

2. Reddit Feed for the subreddit /SocialMediaNews. I discovered that you could add .rss to any Reddit URL for a subreddit and it allows you to generate the RSS feed URL that The Landing's pinboard integrated with very well. 

3. Twitter Feed for the hashtag #SocialMedia. This RSS feed was also created using the tool. I tried to cap the number of RSS feeds I generated using only to two due to the limit of two RSS feeds for a free account.

4. Feed from The Landing for Blog Posts containing the tag, 'COMP650'.

5. Technology News on BBC. This was created using the XML provided by BBC's website. 

This page also contains a comments section and any feedback from the colleagues would be greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy your stay on this page. 


Technology News on BBC

It says delaying the rollout of encrypted message apps leaves everyone at risk, including children.
48 minutes ago
A new safety app has been developed by a team of volunteers with experience of abuse and violence.
2 hours ago
Most broadband and phone bills will rise by more than 9% at the end of March, BT says.
9 hours ago
The developer of a game with the same name as viral hit Wordle gives away the money spent on it.
11 hours ago
Apple’s AirTags are great for finding lost items. But they have a darker side.
There is no detailed plan for remote areas commercial providers will not cover, a committee of MPs says.

Google News - Social Media Technology

The brainchild of IPG Media Lab and Magna, the new Innovation Velocity Gauge shows ‘territories’ like blockchain and cross-screen measurement in the lead.
13 hours ago
The metaverse may well look a lot different in a 3D format. But tech giants will likely battle in a familiar Web 2.0 kind of way.
14 hours ago
After a short surge following the Jan. 6 riot, their follower counts over the last year have barely grown or even declined, a Washington Post analysis found. Their most reliable audience-building moments came when they voiced outrage over conservatives getting banned by the mainstream sites.
15 hours ago
European Union lawmakers are weighing rules that would require online companies to ramp up efforts to keep harmful content off their platforms and take other steps to protect users.
15 hours ago
But it's going to be harder than it seems—and there are some glaring missing names.
16 hours ago