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  • Alvin Finkel February 21, 2011 - 7:46pm

    That's scary, Derek. I've made hundreds of thousands of dollars as a textbook author thanks to Pearson, and should probably be respectful to them. But I tend to see the textbook industry as something of a racket, coming up with pseudo-new versions of texts constantly so as to prevent students from simply buying their buddies' texts. There's also a tendency to aim for a mass market, meaning that those whose approaches are not trendy at the moment (that is your sales don't reach a certain profit goal) are either never taken on or are dropped (our text would not have been taken on by Pearson, I don't think, except that they had swallowed up a Canadian competitor who had initially published us, and demonstrated that we were a goldmine). So the chances of them hiring profs who challenge student's core beliefs are minimal. Since they are a huge oligopoly, they would also not likely be favourable to discussions of what should be done with fat capitalist pig corporations.

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