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Colan Mitchell

Colan Mitchell

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Current AU Program: MAIS

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My primary area of interest right now is looking for common ground betwen Carl Jung and Marshal McLuhan. Jung's description of the function of archetypes is congruent with McLuhan's "Laws of Media", his Tetrad.

Summary of work as a Mental Health Clinician at:

(All in Toronto)

St.Michael's Hospital. Outpatient Psychiatry

Wellesley Hospital. Inpatient Psychiatry

Clarke Institute of Psychiatry. Inpatient Psychiatry

Bloorview Children's Hospital. Day Program

Sutherland Psychology Clinic. Working with Minimal Brain Dysfunction (Now ADHD)

Reconnect Mental Health Services. Assertive Community Treatment Team

A.I.S. Case Manager

Central Toronto Youth Services. Counsellor

Portage. Drug Rehab Staff.

Computer Network Assistant Administrator.