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Michael Mitter

Michael Mitter

About me

My name is Mike, I'm married to a nice Chinese girl named Pin. We met on my second day in China at English First in Nanjing. It was very strange meeting Pin because within the first few minutes of meeting her, I knew she'd be the girl I would end up with. Being a bit of a scum bag when I first met her, I quickly tried to get those thoughts out of my head but for some reason they absolutely would not leave. We've been together now for just over 8 years and no complaints so far. We returned home to Canada to try and have a few children and about six months into our stay here I found my second love, virtual reality.

The attraction was indescribable. The first time we met, it was in a dark room with black lights. There was just something about VR that made me feel so alive. Don't get me wrong I loved my wife but VR just scratched an itch that she couldn't reach. The love affair was difficult to hide, my wife started to notice my nightly outings when she phoned my friends and would be given vague answers as to my whereabouts. At one point I came home from a particularly sweaty session with markings all over my neck and forehead. 

My wife was sure I was cheating and I found that leading a double life was just taking too much of a toll on my health. I just couldn't hide it any longer, something in me was screaming to get out. I took my wife to an apple store where they were demoing a VIVE. At first my wife was afraid of the machine that had stolen my heart but once the helmet touched her head she let out a reassuring Ohhhhhhhhhh! I was relieved that the attraction was mutual.


My wife was so happy that 'the Vive' wasn't a woman's nickname that she went out and bought me a Playstation VR for Christmas. Then she encouraged me to go back to school to become a developer and share my dreams with the world.


Hello World!