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Facebook/Landing redundancy

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By Terry Anderson February 5, 2012 - 9:22am Comments (2)

I don't use my facebook account much - every month or so i check it out, and i send a feed from my regular blog her to the Landing and to facebook. I checked it out this morning- about 50 friend requests - 80% of them from people I don't think I ever met, but perhaps they heard me talk at a conference someplace. Lots of wall messages to read, nothing of too much interest.

But I did check out one of (seemingly most active) 25 or so groups with AU in the name. I was most impressed with the group called Athabasca University that Bethany Tynes has either started, posted a set of guidelines for or both. She also moderates the group with frequent responses. The group seems to be reaching critical mass- at least lately with about 25 posts in January - most with responses and mediam sized threads (3-6 average). the conversations seems to revolve around questions about AU policy, proceedings and personal strategies to succeed, recommendations for or questions about particular courses and programs, requests for study buddies and complaints.

This is the type of conversations I had hoped would happen on the Landing, and does rarely. I think that Facebook just generates more eyeballs (3rd largest nation in the world with over 160,000,000 eyeballs (assuming there are not many Cyclops reading)) 

I won't go on about the advantages of a "boutique' social network versus the mega, mass environment of Facebook, but sometimes it seems I should just the madding facebook crowd.

I don't like their changing privacy policies, their control of my data, the commercial ads and their lack of exporting capacity- but social networks only work when they achieve critical mass. Will the Landing make it???

I'd be interested in talking to a masters degree student wo]ho would like to do an independent study or better a thesis investigating the AU Facebook groups. Email me if you are interested.


  • Richard Kenny February 6, 2012 - 3:30pm

    Terry, I just posted this again in the current MDDE 702 forum. They are just posting a first draft Introduction / problem statement today and may be invested in their own ideas, but perhaps this will attract one of them. Cheers. Rick

  • Michael Shouldice February 24, 2012 - 7:37pm

    Hi Terry, this is an interesting proposition. As you know I work on the AU Facebook Fanpage. I also lurk on the groups to see what is being said about us. I am most of the way through MAIS and would be able to fit an independent study piece in as MAIS702. If you don't mind a MAIS student instead of an MEd or MScIS student taking a stab at it. We should talk. I will be finishing up MAIS602 in April and as such my academic schedule is clear for May.