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English Expositions

One of my courses this semester is an English course. Nothing too serious, just an intro course - I'm not too worried about it in all. I've written creatively, technically, and (obviously) for journals, so I have a few miles of text under my wheels. I've also taken a few courses on grammar and one absolutely fascinating course on Linguistics. Not that I think I have nothing to learn - far from it. This course has been a nice refresher and the textbook is, frankly, golden.

I've got a few assignments left. This blog is going to be the gristle for one of them - I'm going to do a meta-analysis of my content here at some point, and I promise to deliver it to you once it's done. I've also got an expositional essay to write next, which is what I'm looking at now. You won't mind if I throw down some of my thoughts on it to help plan things, right?

I have two choices for this assignment. I can write a personal essay, exploring some aspect of my life - there's a list of about eight options for the topic of the paper. I could also write an expository essay, exploring a number of topics that seem to focus on a number of options ranging between three topics. Canadiana, female songwriters, or the English language. Both essays need to use at least two sources, and both are to be in a fairly standard five-paragraph format.

(( Now, before I lay out my opinion on it, fair warning - I loathe the five-paragraph format. Several years ago I was taking a philosophy course and decided to throw caution to the wind, and broke the standard format. I decided to create a synthesis of Aristotlean character ethics and Kant's Categorical Imperative. I threw all the rules out of the window, and had a blast writing it. It ended up being a bit longer than most, and had an inductive thesis format. Ended up getting 105% on it. I don't think I'll play with fire in an English course, but I'd much rather to write in a less rigid structure. ))

I am looking at writing the Expositional essay for this assignment, because I couldn't find anything that really grabbed me in any of the options available, and I like language so I'll be able to write well on the evolution of the English language. I'm hoping to be able to work in a unique twist on my thesis, as the topics are fairly wide open. Perhaps the changes the English language has undergone in the internet age? That could be pretty wild, I think. But we'll see what happens. 

Can anyone think of an interesting topic for me? I'd love to hear it, if you can.