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Why Social Computing?

Why Social Computing?

I'm in my 5th year of the MSc IS program.  When I started on this venture, I had planned to get it done within 4 years, but life (and a global pandemic) got in the way of my plans!  I'm in the home stretch of the program now and am excited to finish.  I have always intended to take this course from the onset, but the timing has never worked out until now and I'm thrilled to be able to finally dive in!

Why Am I Taking this Course?

Well, the blunt answer is I need enough credits to graduate!  The real answer is that I have always wanted to dedicate more time to understanding the various aspects of social media and social computing.  In recent months, with the global pandemic, I've become more acutely aware of my relationship with social media and that of my childern (both good and bad aspects).  

What are my Expectations of This Course?

I expect this course to dig deep into the history, current trends and future of social computing.  To cover both the technical aspects of the various types and forms of social computing and how they impact real life social constructs (politics, economics, cultural norms, mental health, etc...)

What Do I Hope to Get Out of This Course?

I hope that I have a better undestanding of how social computing impacts myself and society writ large.  I hope to have improved understanding of the issues surrounding social media to better improve my relationship with it, how my kids use it and how I can better leverage it in the work place. 


  • Rayees Khan September 22, 2021 - 3:52pm

    Hi Matthew,

    Nice to meet you as well. Congratulations on almost making it to the finish line with your MSc IS program. 

    Your post mentioning the future of social media and how it impacts your family and kids resonates with me. We opted for online year of schooling for our son last year who was in kindergarten at the time, and had to use Google Classroom. I was not very comfortable for him to have an online presence at such a young age; however, given the unprecedented circumstances with the pandemic, we felt it was a sacrifice we had to make for his safety and well-being. 

    I look forward to collaborating with you and the rest of the colleagues as well! 

    Kind Regards,