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Integrating Information Literacy Skills into the Curriculum

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This presentation will discuss the integration of instruction in literacy and research skills into a first-year History course offered online by Athabasca University. Learning in this course takes place through interactive, automated online modules. These modules guide students through the course and coach them through the completion of written assignments. The modules offer students flexibility and feedback without increasing the marking burden of instructors. The modules teach the skills that students require in most History or Humanities courses and which frequently cause frustration to improperly instructed students and their instructors: critical reading, research, essay writing, and documentation. Students’ literacy skills are assessed in three ways: quizzes, assignments and the final examination. The mastery of these literacy skills prepares students for academic success and intellectual satisfaction. The teaching and learning strategy has been implemented in Moodle successfully and currently the course is open and students are enrolled. An evaluation project to assess the literacy skills modules is being conducted.

A demonstration of how the modules work in Moodle will be of interest for faculty and staff involved in course design and development.

Presenters: Marc Cels, Assistant Professor of History and Luis Guadarrama, Learning Designer


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