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Learning Diary Unit 1

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By Harsheen Sodhi in the group COMP 266 December 11, 2021 - 10:53pm

Diary Entry

Unit one required me identify the themes/purpose for my website, the personas, their information, scenarios and their use of the site and a site map followed by a mock-up website that showing the features and functionality I would want my website to have. I decided on creating a buy/sell website for bikes where users could browse for bike posted for sale by 1st, 2nd or x number of owners. I had to give it a deep thought in terms of deciding what features I wanted to have on my site and how they would interact with the different users. Taking my friend’s suggestion, I included specific search parameters such as bike type, size, frame material, wheel size, condition and most importantly price. Creating different personas really helped me in focusing my site design to be as user friendly and simple as possible my potentials users would range from teenagers to old people looking to purchase a bike. The different scenarios allowed me to put myself in the shoes of my users and provided great insight into how my website should flow. Lastly, creating the site map and mock-up site allowed me to get a feel of how my site would look and the whole process got me really excited and enthusiastic about what the final product would look like. These visualizations also allowed me to map out the flow of the site while also designing the specificities of the user interface. I can say with utmost confidence that this Unit 1 served as a very crucial step in terms of setting the base for the final project as now I know what, why and how I want to do in this course. I was able to meet the learning outcomes of Unit 1 as I clearly identified a potential audience and purpose for my website thus addressing the needs of my target audience. If I were to do this Unit again, I would like to interview real people and use their information to determine their goals, scenario and use of site. Secondly, I would start creating the website from the very beginning so that I can make changes as more and more personas got added to my list.


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